Ready to Use

Simplifying oocyte and embryo vitrification with precision and ease

“Ready to Use”?


By having pre-dispensed solutions in plates, the new high-quality blister pack design effectively minimizes handling and saves on preparation time.


RtU reduces medical waste by minimizing the dispensing process, resulting in cost and inventory reduction.

for oocytes and embryos of all stages

With Cryotec solutions, a single protocol ensures the safety of oocytes and embryos, promoting standardized lab practices.


The new Cryotec RtU products are designed with the embryologist in mind, offering a stress-free experience with no strict time limits.


Vitrification and warming protocols maximum time is reduced by 5.5 minutes due to the qualities of the new solutions.

We have obtained clinical performance data for Cryotec Ready to Use (RtU) from nine fertility treatment centers across Japan. The participating centers are located in Kanagawa, Chiba, Tokyo, Iwate, Miyagi, Aichi, Hokkaido, Yamaguchi, and Gifu prefectures. The data is based on 456 embryos that were vitrified and thawed using the Cryotec RtU kit.

Comparison of pregnancy rates of other products and RtU at the same facilities


This chart demonstrates that after the centers transitioned from other products to Cryotec RtU, they achieved pregnancy rates with at least equivalent results in gestational sac pregnancy.

Ready to Use

Designed for the modern embryologist

New solutions formula

  • Promoted CPA permeability improves vitrification performance, reducing processing time by 5.5 minutes compared to the previous Cryotec Method
  • Due to the HPC-free formula, no precipitation under incubator temperature eliminates the need for separate incubation of warming solutions and plates
  • Higher viscosity facilitates easier oocyte/embryo manipulation and lowers the risk of osmotic shock

Improved vitrification
and warming plates design

The new high-quality blister pack is designed to ensure time saved during preparation and prevents contamination due to minimal handling

Labeled wells with the solution name to avoid mistakes

Redesigned shape of the TS well aids precise insertion of the Cryotec sheet

3mm indicator on the warming plate as a reference for accurate aspiration of the solutions

Laser Assisted Hatching (AHA) compatibility enables embryologists to perform AHA using the same RtU plate with the new warming plate design

Sloping bottom of TS well helps to avoid bubble formation when inserting the Cryotec into TS well


A thin sheet for maximum rate of cooling and warming

Easy grip long handles with plenty of space to note down patient’s information

Easy grip long handles with plenty of space to note down patient’s information

The right-angled triangle black tip makes it easier to distinguish between sides and to see the tip of the Cryotec for easy capping


Cryotec Ready to Vitri Kit
(for 3 applications)
x 4
Ready to Vitri plates
x 3
Cryotec Ready to Warm Kit
(for 5 applications)
Ready to Warm plates
x 5
Ready to Vitri JUMBO PACK 30
(for 30 applications)
Ready to Vitri plates
x 30
Ready to Warm JUMBO PACK 20
(for 20 applications)
Ready to Warm plates
x 20

Our Customers Say

Nobuya Aono
PhD, Embryologist, IVF Lab Inc.

Committee member of Japan Society for Ova Research
Board member of The Japanese Society of Clinical Embryologists
Former Scientific Director at Ladies Clinic Kyono

Embryologists' work styles have become more diverse and their duties have broadened, which limits the amount of time and man-hours they can spend on work. The new Ready to Use (RtU) products are useful in reducing their workload because the same protocol is used for both embryo and oocyte vitrification. Additionally, having a uniform skill set that can produce consistent results regardless of the operator is essential in the field. I believe that the new product is helping to address these issues while achieving high survival rates.

Hiromitsu Hattori
PhD, Embryologist, Kyono ART Clinic Sendai
IVF Section, Chief Embryologist

Member of Public Relations Committee
The Japanese Society of
Clinical Embryologists

Immature oocytes such as GV and M1 are very sensitive and challenging to vitrify and warm, but when we use Ready to Use products, we achieve a high survival rate. I am not aware of any other method that can produce such good results. Another attractive feature of this product is the new formula with higher viscosity, which is achieved by using Xanthan Gum. The increased viscosity of the solution makes it easier to create droplets during loading.

Overall, Ready to Use products are gentler on embryos and oocytes, and they also help reduce the cost burden on clinics and facilities. Furthermore, they make it easier to train new employees.

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