In November 2023, the Reprolife team had the privilege of visiting the Roppongi Ladies Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, a renowned institution specializing in infertility treatment. During our visit, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Bunkichi Fukushima, the Chief Embryologist at the clinic.

The clinic underwent a significant change in December 2022, transitioning from a previous vitrification method for oocytes and embryos to the Cryotec Ready to Use system. Eager to explore this transition, we sought to understand the clinic’s experiences and the impact of this shift on their practices.

In our interview with Dr. Fukushima, he shed light on the profound effects that the Ready to Use method had on both vitrification results and overall clinic operations. The insights provided by Dr. Fukushima offer a glimpse into the advancements and improvements brought about by this new approach.

Beyond discussing the technical aspects of the vitrification process, our conversation with Dr. Fukushima delved into the broader aspects of clinic management. With more time freed up following the adoption of Ready to Use, Dr. Fukushima shared his philosophy on training and nurturing embryologist talent.

We invite you to watch these videos, that will provide valuable insights into how the Roppongi Ladies Clinic’s perspective on infertility treatment and embryologist development.

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