Simplify oocyte and embryo vitrification with precision and ease

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the Cryotec Ready to Use (RtU) product family: the Ready to Use Jumbo Pack! This innovative solution promises to revolutionize the process of oocyte and embryo vitrification, offering unparalleled precision and convenience.

Streamlined Storage:

With its high-capacity design, the Jumbo Pack allows you to save valuable space without compromising on efficiency. Accommodating 20 or 30 blister packs in a single box, it significantly reduces storage requirements and minimizes packaging waste.

Effortless Inventory Management:

Say goodbye to tedious inventory checks! The semi-transparent design of the Jumbo Pack enables you to effortlessly monitor the quantity of plates remaining, ensuring seamless inventory management at a glance.

Hygienic and Convenient:

Featuring a resealable film lid, the Jumbo Pack prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your samples are securely sealed, with easy access whenever you need it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to simplify your laboratory workflow and enhance the efficiency of your vitrification process. Contact us today for more details and experience the convenience and precision of Cryotec Ready to Use Jumbo Pack!


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