ESHRE 2023: Unveiling the Future of Vitrification with Reprolife’s RtU Method


Reprolife made waves at the prestigious ESHRE 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark, leaving a mark on the world of assisted reproduction with our revolutionary introduction of the Ready to Use (RtU) series and the new vitrification and warming method, which sparked excitement and enthusiasm among embryologists and experts.

The RtU Method represents a leap forward in oocyte and embryo vitrification, offering a faster, safer, and stress-free technique that captivated attendees from around the globe. Over 70 workshops provided hands-on experience with the RtU method, garnering a resoundingly positive response from embryologists and fertility experts, who hailed its significance.

We connected with old friends and forged new partnerships, showcasing our dedication to revolutionizing oocyte and embryo cryopreservation. With our unwavering commitment to research, Reprolife continues to lead advancements in assisted reproduction, offering renewed hope to those on their journey to parenthood. Together, we create a world where possibilities are limitless.