Executive managing director

Sanae Ueda

Sanae Ueda

REPROLIFE establishes our goal to save patients suffering from nitractable infertility with new technology.

Global Sales Division

Ryuta Sato

Ryuta Sato Manager

REPROLIF is creating a realistic paradise for all that desire ot have babies. Come join our family!

Rina Murano

Rina Murano

Please come to our workshops to experience the whole protocol of the Cryotec Method that has a 100% survival rate!

María Guadalupe de Alba

María Guadalupe de Alba Senior Embryologist, Official Instructor of The Cryotec Method

To have the opportunity of training embryologist with the Cryoetc Method and improve the results for their patients is a great honor and invaluable.

Sales Support Division

Keiichi Wada

Keiichi Wada Manager

We work with Global Sales to expand the Cryotec method over the world. We always pay careful attention to clear the products at the customs.

Taeko Yamaguchi

Taeko Yamaguchi

Delivering our Cryotec products, which bring happiness to patients, safe and speedy is our aim.

Yoshitaka Ozashi

Yoshitaka Ozashi

I am trying to build a valuable relationship with our Cryotechu sers by staying in close communication.

Domestic Sales Division

Jin Sakata

Jin Sakata

I spread excellences in Cryotech method in Japan.

Quality Control Divistion

Keiichi Wada

Kouichi Takeda

Quality Control has been devoting for maintaining of QMS that meets expectation of users.

Manufacturing Divistion

Takashi Nobusue

Takashi Nobusue Manager

We, in the manufacturer department, are making and delivering Cryotec products with safety and reliability to our partners.

Kayoko Ohashi

Kayoko Ohashi

Packing staffs make a united effort to package Cryotec products carefully and neatly.

Accounting Division

Naomi Yasuda

Naomi Yasuda Manager

As an accounting department, I am contributing to making a pleasant and healthy work environment.

General Affairs Division

Hiroyo Hirakoso

Hiroyo Hirakoso Manager

General affairs department is giving the best support for all the staffs.

Repro Support Medical Research Center

Rio Kuwayama

Rio Kuwayama Manager

We, R&D, are trying to invent safer and more effective new technologies every day

Hideki Kaneda

Hideki Kaneda Ph,D. Senior Scientist

I am aiming to develop in research and new reproductive technoolgies, and I have been dreaming of carrying through original goal.

Sofi Soto-Rodriguez

Sofi Soto-Rodriguez Ph,D. Chief Scientist Director (Repro Support Medical Research Center Cancun)

The best thing of teaching the Cryotec method is that we make usre that all patientsʼ treasures are safe and treated with the best technology.

Feriba Turhan

Feriba Turhan Ph,D. Chief Scientist

Whenever someone creates something with hard work then that creation is bringing success by itself. We create new technologies to change the world with Dr. Kuwayamaʼs guidance. Thatʼs the difference.

Satomi Imai

Satomi Imai M.P.A.S Chief Scientist, Embryologist

We develop more effective technology with simpler method.