Cryopreserve eggs 100% safe and intact with the Cryotec Method

The Cryotec method is the best vitrification method that can safely cryopreserve and thaw oocytes and embryos at any stage. This method allows us to achieve the 100% survival rate after thawing, which can lead to the increase in clinical achievements. We started to spread this method at the global level in 2012, and it has been applied to more than 100,000 cases in 42 countries, where it achieved the clinical outcomes that were by far better than conventional methods did. The purpose of cryopreservation is to safely preserve the oocytes and embryos that hold a life within them without hurting or endangering them until the day they are thawed and implanted into the mother’s body. The Cryotec method is the method that enables us to achieve this goal in the most certain way.

Features of Cryotech Products

  • The 100% survival rate of blastocysts, divided embryos, and oocytes (when the protocol) is strictly followed. Our officially certified trainer will train each user untill they master the 100% survival protocol.
  • Highest possible pregnancy rates when applying the Cryotech thawing system to the oocytes and embryos that were cryopreserved with other methods
  • An easier and safer protocol to cryopreserve/ thaw the oocytes and embryos to ensure 100% survival rates and optimal pregnancy rates
  • Even effective to most oocytes and embryos in bad conditions, such as eggs of patient with hig age.

The 18 differences with the Cryotech products

We clarified the issues with the conventional vitrification method by thoroughly analyzing its weaknesses and made 18 improvements to over come them, which allows anyone to achieve the best outcomes without making mistakes, regardless of the experiences or knowledge of vitrification.


  • Having the highest vitrification ability
  • All the media are serum-free and protein-free, which ensures stability in quality over long periods of shelf life. (effective for 12 months)
  • Trehalose, which is endotoxin-free, in the media which is safer and suitable for the vitrification process.
  • The protocol is designed to mild out osmotic pressure curve to protect cells from shocks and injuries.


  • The vitrification Plate allows easier and more precise vitrification with an ergonomic design
  • The cryopreservation carrier device can be securely put on the plates (no need to hold the device by hand)
  • The Warming Plate, also designed ergonomically to allow the thawing processes to be done on one plate precisely, which leads to a better survival rate
  • Wells of the each plate have a spheric bottom, which allows gradual mixing of solutions, leading to a mild osmolarity curve.


  • The same protocol can be applied to both oocytes and embryos to achieve 100% survival rates
  • The completion of the vitrification equilibrium can be easily and precisely judged by one’s naked eyes
  • There is no need to minimize the vitrification drops on the device tip

Test result

As a result of freezing and thawing attempts of 4215 eggs and embryos at 12 facilities, survival rate was 100% in oocytes and embryos of all stages.

Test result

We provide a solutions for oocyte / embryo vitrification and thawing which consist of Cryotech Products Vitrification and Warming Solutions and Plates, and Cryotecs (carrier devices) and hands-on training in the Cryotec Method Vitrification and thawing protocols. Please click here for more information.


Vitrification Kit 101
(3 glassifications)

1.0 ml Equilibration Solution(ES) x 1,
1.0 ml Vitrification Solution(VS )x 2,
4 Cryotecs, 3 Vitrification Plates 4 cryotecs, 3 vitrification plates

Warming Kit 102
(1 melting)

1.8 ml Thawing Solution(TS )x 1,
1.0 ml Washing Solution(WS)x 1, 1 melt plate

Bulk sets of specific items to meed demand of each facility.

Vitrification Solution 110
(10 times vitrification)

1.8 ml ES x 2,
1.8 ml VS x 4

Warming Solution 205
(5 times thawing)

1.8 ml TS x 5, 1.8 ml DS x 1,
1.8 ml WS x 2

(Carrier devices)

Ten entries, all five colors
(Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green)

Dedicated plate for

Ten plates

Melting exclusive plate

Ten plates

Cooling rack
(Liquid nitrogen for freezing)