The Cryotec Method
The Best and Safest Cryopreservation Method
in the World with a 100% survival rate


We offer the safest and most effective solutions in the world for oocyte and embryo cryopreservation, featuring the highest viscosity while containing the lowestconcentrations of EG and DMSO, cryoprotectants known to be toxic to human eggs.  


Our vitrification/thawing plates and straws are perfectly designed for use with our Cryotec Method vitrification and thawing protocols, which prevent accidents and human error and ensure the highest survival rates possible. These specially designed tools also enhance survival rates when used with any vitrification method.


Since the advent of the one-size-fits-all protocols of the Cryotec Method, achieving a consistent 100% survival rate for oocytes and embryos has become the norm.

Cryotech Hands-on Workshop Count
(Worldwide, as of May 25th, 2018)

Total number of workshops : 229
Total number of participants : 1,624
Ratio of achieving 100 % survival: 100%!


Dr. Kuwayama

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